Guard yourself from Covid-19
with our Face Shield Mask!

Acrylic Art Designers is hard at work developing products to assist in the demand of this sudden crisis. Our All-Purpose Adjustable Face Shield Mask is light-weight, transparent, anti-saliva and splash protection designed to protect your eyes, nose and mouth with comfort and full 360° clear visibility.

Our Polycarbonate Lexan Face masks are used as medical grade face shields in many hospitals in Miami-Dade and Broward Counites. Our masks are designed in house with optimal quality, transparency, durability and lightweight comfort. Protect yourself, your employees and your family. Available now in mass quantities from Acrylic Art Designers. .

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Acrylic Sneeze Guards | Plexiglass Shields | Retail Barriers
Designed For Added Protection!

We also offer acrylic based barriers for retail, cashiers, desks, tables, medical and other commercial uses to help maintain social distance while protecting your employees and customers from splashes, sprays and other dangers of this novel virus. We offer all custom sizes and shapes as well as UV lighting options, contact us for more details.


We're Flexible & Equipped To Create Custom Acrylic Solutions To Combat This Virus!

Aside from these products, we are specialized in the creation of custom acrylics. Although our forte has been in teh areas of Acrylic furniture and art pieces, we also recognize the unprecedence that the Corona virus has become which has pushed us to create many different acrylic based products for the purposes of protecting people. If you have an idea or customrequest for acrylic or polycarbonate based plastic product that could help in the reducing the spread of this virus, please contact us: .

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